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“I was impressed by how Jerry Hill handled my home elevator installation project. From beginning to end he showed great professionalism and patience. He and his team installed the LULA elevator made by Custom Elevator in a matter of 3 days. Before selecting Accurate Elevator for my project I screened many other companies and I found that Accurate Elevator was indeed the best by many measures, including price. I highly recommend this company.”  -L. Batkhan

Chairlift Elevators

Need help going up and down steps? Enjoy full use of your house, safely and affordably with a chair lift installation for your home.

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In Home Elevators

Are you tired of avoiding your stairs? Ride in comfort and convenience with a in home elevator system.

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About Accurate Elevator

My name is Jerry Hill. I am the owner and operator of Accurate Elevator, Inc. I have been in the elevator industry for twenty Five years. I am a Certified Elevator Technician. My work experience includes hundreds of residential and commercial elevator installations. A few examples are:

  • Brick Hotel, Georgetown, DE
  • Clipper Hotel, 12th, Ocean City, MD
  • Pentagon Water Treatment Plant – freight elevator
  • Department of the Interior – two penthouse hydraulic elevators
  • Fort Detrich – maintenance hydraulic elevator
  • Walter Reed Hospital – two hydraulic elevators
  • National Institutes of Health – multiple hydraulic elevators
  • National Archives Building – custom bronze elevator
  • Patuxent River Naval Air Station – multiple hydraulic elevators
  • Many residential elevators in Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia

The residential elevators I have chosen to install are manufactured by Custom Lift and Chesapeake Elevator Manufacturing. Both are American made products and have a two year warranty from the time of shipping. These are commercial-grade elevators scaled down for residential use, resulting in a superior ride.

We provide maintenance, service, and restoration of existing residential and commercial elevators at reasonable rates. Of course, 24 hour emergency service is available.

We also install, service, and maintain stairclimbers, wheelchair lifts, and dumbwaiters. All can be customized to suit your individual needs.

I am committed to providing personal, quality service at a reasonable cost.

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We work with all types of Elevator systems.

The services Accurate Elevator provides apply to most residential and commercial applications. These services include installation, maintenance, and renovation, and 24 hour emergency service of:

  • Elevators
  • Wheelchair Lifts
  • Dumbwaiters
  • Stair Lifts
  • Material Hoists

There is no charge for equipment evaluation or estimates. In a commercial setting, monthly maintenance for commercial lift equipment is a requirement. This adds to the cost of managing a building and can become significant. Accurate Elevator provides the same service as larger companies at a lower price, potentially lowering the monthly cost of maintaining your building. Compare the list below to your current elevator maintenance contract.

Monthly maintenance includes the following:

  • Evaluate controller fault log for recurrent issues.
  • Inspect hydraulic tank for proper fluid levels and leaks.
  • Examine piston for leaks and wear.
  • Inspect hoist machine for proper function.
  • Inspect hoist motor brushes for wear.
  • Check controller for proper connections and operation.
  • Inspect all doors and door operators for proper function.
  • Check lighting in cab and all buttons.
  • Check pit area for function of lights and any leaks.
  • Verify phone and emergency alarm devices.
  • Record all findings on the monthly log in machine room.
  • Report any issues to the building manager or owner.

Accurate Elevator can negotiate a contract that is less than five years duration… Elevator equipment, if properly maintained, should last 20–30 years, depending on its location and use. Equipment in the beach area, subjected to salty air and vacationing families, will wear out sooner than a 20 unit condominium in a town thirty miles to the west. When equipment needs replacing, Accurate Elevator will recommend and quote a competitive rate for only what is necessary to keep your equipment running safely, with the least amount of interruption in service and call-backs possible. If the equipment needs upgrading, Accurate Elevator can manage that as well, bringing the elevator up to current code, as required by the inspector in that state. Your elevator can also get a facelift; new interior wall panels, pushbuttons, handrails, and ceiling fixtures.

Be aware that when upgrading one portion of the equipment, other related items may also need replacing, in order to meet current code and ADA requirements. These standards are constantly being evaluated and changed accordingly, to provide safety to all users, from the elevator technicians to a wheelchair user to the local firemen who may need to activate the fire service mode.

Accurate Elevator is committed to providing the service and maintenance necessary to keep your lift equipment running smoothly.

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Em: jerry55hill@comcast.net

Address: 1208 North Schumaker Dr. Salisbury, MD 21804